Deflate Ego, Inflate Character

Deflate Ego, Inflate Character


Aaron Redpath

It’s important to walk through life with confidence in all that we do. Having a positive mindset and outlook on life are qualities that’ll take you far in life. It’s also beneficial in the majority of situations you’ll encounter in life to stay level headed, composed, and humble. Humility is important in everyone but especially in those young athletes who are achieving glimpses of early success. 

The culture amongst young athletes nowadays has changed due to social media and unfortunately some athletes are headed down the wrong path due to an inflated ego over earning a roster spot on a team, making a nice play, or having a good game. Some coaches recognize it and attempt to create positive change in the habits and mentalities of these young impressionable athletes, while other coaches are caught up in it themselves and unfortunately add fuel to the fire of a worsening mentality.

Coaches and parents play such a pivotal role in helping these young individuals develop high character qualities. Call out young athletes in moments they are displaying cocky behaviours and remind them that we live in a world where having too much pride and arrogance is self-destructive and will lead them down a path to failure. As coaches and parents it’s our responsibility to create the next generation of strong leaders in our communities. So remember, we all have a hand in deflating egos while inflating character in the next generation.

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