Be A Sponge

Be A Sponge


Aaron Redpath

Everyday there are learning opportunities that arise in our lives. Without the right mentality a lot of these lessons can just pass us by. A major key to success is learning from your own mistakes or failures and working tirelessly to ensure they don’t repeat themselves. A less talked about key to success is learning from others successes or failures. This is a valuable and efficient piece of advice because it gives a person a chance to not have to go through the same trials and errors themselves. By learning from others you give yourself the advantage of saving time, applying proven strategies and techniques as well as mitigating failures. This is not to say that just because someone tried and failed that the same will happen to you but you can learn what they tried and perhaps make an adjustment to try something slightly different which may be the key to turning a failure into a success.  

Everyone we cross paths with in life we can learn from if we are open minded enough. We can learn what works and what doesn’t work in certain situations and apply those lessons to your life moving forward. Open mind, open heart, humility and the common sense to decipher right from wrong as well as success from failure are all important when learning from someone.  

Sponges absorb water and soap to be able to use that water and soap to successfully clean an object. A dry sponge can not accomplish the same goal as one that is soaked up with water and soap. Now think of yourself as a sponge and all of the water and soap as knowledge surrounding you. Soak it up and you can use it to grow and successfully accomplish your goals.

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