“My Child’s Development”

Helping Parents Helping Children!



5 Hours


The Nucleus Sports Group “My Child’s Development” course will introduce a variety of topics all geared towards helping parents understand what is best for the long term development of their children. We will share valuable life skills and knowledge that youth learn through sport and athletics as well as make parents aware of the areas of most importance to promote healthy growth in their child.
In this course our material will be presented through interactive lessons, activities, case studies, and exercises. Each section will be split into two components; the first being the lesson, and the second being either a corresponding case study exercise or an activity
Parents will learn about what’s best for young athletes at every stage of youth athletics from the first introduction of physical activity up until the high level training to perform stage. The curriculum format allows parents to progress from the foundational level. Nucleus Sports Group has created this curriculum for parents to understand and be able to help their own families to understand concepts that can be utilized in all other areas of life such as career, conversations, school, and sports teams. The lesson progressions in this course gives parents a good foundation to start building on and will help them teach youth valuable and high character traits that are applicable when striving for success daily!
Welcoming ALL parents who are interested in learning how to best facilitate and reinforce long term development practices in their children. At the conclusion of this program parents will have enough information to make informed decisions about long term athlete development and understand the kinds of programs that will be most suitable for their child based on their level.


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