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Writer Aaron Redpath A big part of achieving your potential not only in sports but in life is being honest with yourself. You have to be able to look in the mirror and be real enou

Writer Aaron Redpath Think about every time you get in the car to drive somewhere. Even if you are driving to the same destination everyday, the drive itself is unpredictable and v

Writer Aaron Redpath Everyday there are learning opportunities that arise in our lives. Without the right mentality a lot of these lessons can just pass us by. A major key to succe

Writer Aaron Redpath What does it mean to compete?  My definition of what it means to compete is simply “high effort output in pursuit of being the best version of oneself on an

Writer Aaron Redpath   Listen Up! Let me tell you something, youth sports parents can be the ultimate game-changers in their child’s athletic journey. They have the power to

Writer Aaron Redpath With the emergence of social media in the sports world today there’s a level of respect that has been lost for the game. Instead of playing hard, athletes ar

Writer Aaron Redpath Young athletes develop at different rates due to genetics and a wide array of biological factors. It’s important to be aware of this as an athlete, parent, a


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