Hollie Boodram

Director of Media Relations

Hollie Boodram is a communications and public relations professional with experience working with an array of industries spanning from business to lifestyle. Her clients have been seen in top tier business, tech and lifestyle publications, Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, BUSTLE, Well&Good the TODAY Show,  and more. She prides herself on building a trusting relationship with her clients and constantly evolves communication goals to support their evolving brand. She is experienced in leading Public Relations teams as a manager and strategist to reach company and client goals. And has worked with multinational brands, and IPOs achieving their brand goals and growth. 

She is an active thought leader in the communications space, having been featured in a number of PR Publications and Podcasts to share her growing expertise.

Early career highlights would be she was part of the ideation and framework development for the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Second Screen app which is now live and sponsored through partnerships. She also ideated other frameworks that have now been implemented within the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

She created and project managed a content marketing print and digital media campaign with over 2 million engagement and secured over $70k in sponsored partnerships. Her current combined Press coverage and engagement over all her clients are in the Billions of engagement and readership. Hollie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Nucleus Sports Group team.


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