Emilia Macchione


Emilia holds a Masters In Education specializing in the education of youths. Her expertise ranges from modifying and building curriculums within the education system in order to ensure students are learning at the correct level while adjusting the teaching to fit all levels of students’ needs. As a Senior ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapist she analyzes data in order to create programs that assist therapists in their pre & post assessment of young individuals diagnosed with ASD. 


As founder of The Beautiful Mind Academy, Emilia has been able to apply her expertise along with her passion to help develop young minds. Her proprietary programs utilize a combination of visuals, auditory, verbal and physical learning styles for a well-rounded learning experience that’s tailored to a child’s specific needs which has resulted in grade increases of 10% to 50% consistently. Emilia’s contribution to the Nucleus Sports Group will bring a unique element that no other organization offers.


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