Summer Shootout

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Eligibility: Incoming 3rd-12th Grade Players


The Summer Shootout is for players who are looking to get up a lot of shooting repetitions to improve their shooting mechanics, versatility, and accuracy. This camp is designed to get players comfortable with shooting a variety of shots that players encounter in different game situations.


Dates: July 17th – July 21st, 2023

Time: 9am-12pm

Cost: $325

Location: St. Nicholas Elementary School (477 Warminster Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 4N4)

Nothing But Net! A Top Notch Experience For Your Child

Is this Camp Right for my CHild?

The camp is for those players that understand the basics of how to play basketball and have a good base of fundamentals which are ready to be challenged and improved upon. Players in this camp should be ready for a lot of shooting repetitions in different situations which will require a certain level of focus and understanding.


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The Athlete Experience

Observe– players will watch and learn the fundamentals (footwork, body movement, angles, and other technical skills) that go into each type of shot. 


Repeat– players will then do numerous repetitions to ensure they have a good base and can successfully do the required shot in each situation. 


Game Ready– once players have found a level of comfort and shown an ability to perform the various shots, defenders will be introduced to help players practice against a live defender to gain confidence that’ll translate to in-game success. 

Young athlete shooting a jump shot

skills your child will develop

  • Catch and shoot effectively (keeping hips square to basket after various movements);
  • Shoot in isolation situations with a single defender (create enough space to get shot off);
  • Use various footwork patterns and fakes prior to taking a shot;
  • Shoot on the move coming off screens and dribble handoffs;
  • Shoot off the dribble in isolation or ball screen situations.


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