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Nucleus Sports Group powers school programs that feature certified coaches coming in to teach classes a variety of physical activities and sports in an enjoyable setting. Fun is the number one priority in these programs with an emphasis on getting everyone to participate equally regardless of their skill level. Numerous general athletic skills, sport specific skills, and general life skills will be combined, practiced and learned throughout the program leaving participants well equipped with the necessary tools for future on and off court success.

Players learning how to play basketball as a team at school
Young Athlete scoring a layup during a school game

Program Details

The program schedule is catered to the exact needs of each individual school and can be done during school hours or immediately after school. If you are interested in signing up a class for our school program, email to get your free quote!



Session Length: 1 hour or 1.5 hours

Dates: Mondays-Fridays                Cost: TBD

Times: 8am-5pm                             Location: TBD


Please note

♦ The school programs are designed for athletes at the intro to sports training and learn to play stages in their athletic development.

♦ The health and safety of the young athletes is our priority so all measures are taken to ensure protocols are being followed.

♦ Please Review the Nucleus Sports Group Concussion Code of Conduct as well as the Ontario Concussion Awareness Resources.

Codes of Conduct

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