School of Scoring

Camp Details

Eligibility: Incoming 3rd-12th Grade Players


School of Scoring is for athletes looking to expand their ability to score the basketball from all 3 levels that today’s brand of basketball requires. Players will learn a variety of close range finishes around the rim so they have the tools and confidence when they are in there.


Dates: August 21st- 25th, 2023

Time: 9am-12pm

Cost: $325

Location: St. Nicholas Elementary School (477 Warminster Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 4N4)

class is in session! Be The Best Scorer you can be.

Young Athlete scoring a layup during a school game

Is this camp right for my child?

The camp is for those players that are ready to take their offensive game to the next level. Players need to have the ability to stay focused as the finer details of scoring such as footwork, using contact, creating separation, using their body to effectively get shots up on the rim etc will be taught. This is the right fit for your child if they are looking to expand the ways in which they can score on the court and are dedicated to making improvements.


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The athlete experience

Observe– players will watch and learn the fundamentals (footwork, body movement, body position, speed etc) that go into each scoring situation. 


Repeat– players will then do numerous repetitions to ensure they have a good base and can successfully do the required skill in each situation. 

Game Ready– once players have found a level of comfort and shown an ability to perform the skills, defenders will be introduced to help players practice against real defense to gain confidence that’ll translate to in-game success.

skills your child will develop

  • Score around the rim with both hands;
  • Place the ball off the backboard with variations of touch, spin, angles etc.
  • Make a quick decision to score inside the paint without having the ability to get all the way to the basket (floaters, running hooks, over the shoulder finishes, stride stop close range fadeaways, learners etc.)
  • Score from the midrange areas on the court using a various footwork patterns and fakes
  • Score in isolation situations after creating space and separation from defenders. 
  • Score from behind the 3 point line in catch and shoot as well as off the dribble situations (isolation, ball screens, hand offs, down screens etc.)

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