Playmakers Paradise

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Eligibility: Incoming 3rd-12th Grade Players


The Playmakers Paradise camp is a great opportunity for young players to grasp the understanding of how they can make winning plays for their team with or without the basketball. Players will start to see the game and play the game with a broader understanding of the little things that happen within the game that can positively impact a team. These details are often overlooked by skills trainers but understood and looked for by coaches. This camp will teach players how to become an extension of the coach on the floor.


Dates: July 31st – August 4th 2023

Time: 9am-12pm

Cost: $325

Location: St. Nicholas Elementary School (​​477 Warminster Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 4N4)

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is this camp right for my child?

This camp is for those players that are looking to expand their skill set and become more versatile. Versatility is an important attribute for all players to strive for, as coach’s look for players that can impact the game in multiple ways both offensively and defensively. If your child is looking to expand then this camp is perfect for them.

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The Athlete Experience

Observe– players will watch and learn the fundamentals (footwork, body movement, body position, speed, angles etc) that go into each playmaking opportunity. 


Repeat– players will then do numerous repetitions to ensure they have a good base and can successfully make the desired right play in each situation. 

Game Ready– once players have found a level of comfort and shown an ability to perform the skills, defenders will be introduced to help players practice against real defense to gain confidence that’ll translate to in-game playmaking success.

Young athletes honing their skills for basketball
Young Athletes playing a game in the development league

Skills your child will develop

  • Effective times to set screens and seal defenders to open up scoring opportunities for teammates;
  • How to time cuts and various off ball actions to open up opportunities for themselves or their teammates;
  • Which passes to throw in various situations;
  • How to move off the ball to positions staying in the ball handlers field of vision;
  • Effective angles for cutting or setting screens to open up scoring opportunities;
  • To play under pressure with a sense of calmness to accurately make plays in various situations.

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