PDM Summer Academy


Eligibility: Incoming 3rd-12th Grade Players


The PDM summer academy teaches players the overlooked and under taught critical elements of the game. Players will gain a better understanding of court spacing, angles, basketball IQ, film study, off ball movement as well as a number of other important skills and concepts that go into making correct in-game decisions.


Dates: July 10th – July 14th 2023

Time: 9am-12pm

Cost: $400

Location: St. Nicholas Elementary School (477 Warminster Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 4N4)


PDM Skills Camp with Young athletes

is this camp right for my child?

The summer academy camp is for those players that are striving to reach higher levels in the game and are eager to learn the finer details that go into making a well rounded player and team. New concepts are taught daily and the curriculum progresses quickly so it’s a great opportunity to challenge and improve at a rapid pace. If your child is passionate about the game and dedicated to improving and expanding their skillset, then they will fit right in.

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The Athlete Experience

Observe– it’s important for athletes to see the skills that are being taught and how professionals and their idols utilize these skills at the highest level. Film is a key element of this academy. 


Understand– the terminology that is used and overall knowledge from a theoretical standpoint is essential for helping young athletes develop their overall general IQ as well as basketball IQ.

Apply– Once the young athletes have watched and understood the concepts being taught it is now time to put these skills and concepts into practice to get repetitions and gain confidence.

skills your child will develop

  • Read the game more intelligently and confidently (Improve Basketball IQ);
  • Learn what the correct in-game decisions are that coaches will notice;
  • Trust their instincts while playing at a quick tempo and confidently make the correct decision;
  • Identify high percentage shots (shot selection awareness) and playmaking reads;
  • Differentiate between situations in specific passes and plays should be made;
  • Read the defense and have a counter move for each situation;
  • Play different defensive coverages based on what the offense is doing.

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