Private high performance training


The High Performance Individual Training program is done by Purpose Driven Mentality (PDM) and designed to give players individual attention to target specific skills that an athlete is trying to improve upon. Each workout is to be done at a high intensity, maximizing the quality of reps and attention to detail players need. The purpose of this program is to give players the tools and individual coaching attention required to train skills that will directly translate to in-game confidence and success while also improving overall IQ and knowledge of the game.

program details

Session Dates:

 Based on the Individual’s Schedule


Quantity of Sessions

Cost (Includes Gym Rental)









Driveway training cost = $70 per session

– A Coach comes to your house or local outdoor court to do the session. 

King’s Court-Oakville (2450 Bristol Circle, Oakville, L6H 6P6)

What we do

We provide structure & framework for youth sport organizations to deliver quality programs to the youth in their communities. Organizations are able to eliminate inefficiencies resulting in higher quality programs for the youth. Through our variety of program offerings we ensure youth of all skill levels and ages have numerous options to find something best suited for them. Nucleus Sports Group trains and certifies coaches for the different levels through its coaching certification programs to ensure the youth are receiving developmentally appropriate instruction and training. Ensuring quality coaches are positively impacting each child’s growth and development is our priority.

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